In Tamil Nadu Cyclone Nada is now forecast to enervate to a deep woe before making a landfall. The regional IMD office in Chennai has said that cyclone Nada will weaken into a deep melancholy and make a landfall between Vedaranyam and Cuddallore, which is presently bases 270 km offshore from Puducherry, moving with a speed of 20km/hr. Chennai and other coastal districts are expected to receive moderate to heavy rainfall with winds at 60 - 70km speed. Fishermen have been instructed not to proffer into the sea. Shear winds are being censure for enervate of cyclone Nada as Chennai was depending on it to replenish its water bodies. Delta and interior parts of Tamil Nadu will also recieve moderate rainfall. The Tamil Nadu government has already moved the NDRF contingents to rain sensitive areas. Revenue department secretary Chandramohan announced that food and shelter has already been arranged in areas expected to be affected by rain and requested people of Tamil Nadu to not fall for any rumours.

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