The 'Triple Talaq' is a ubiquitous egregious practice in Muslim community that stink of patriarchy. It grants freedom to Muslim men to divorce their wife by only emit 'Talaq' three times, without the wife's consent, the wife has no other option to say if her husband decides to divorce her. This law was rendered legally invalid by Shamim Ara vs State of UP and many other high courts in 2002. Due to many orthodox and regressive sections of the society who choose to not follow this law, Many of the Muslim women become victims of this and are thrown out of their homes.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to Muslim intellectuals to look over this malpractice and pursue some positive solution. It was about time that some influential figure addressed this regressive practice and made efforts to pursue for gender equality. It's high time the justice is meted out to muslim women. For once, let's not see this problem through the lens of 'Hindu V/S Muslim' debate.

Taaza Vaartha

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