There are various reasons for investing in India how could boost the Chinese capital's wallop in the Indian economy, a Chinese specialist says. Investing in India is an assured choice of capital, which essentially stalk profits, said Ge Cheng (Assistant Research Fellow at the National Institute of International Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences). The spiral flows of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into India don't aim to make contributions to India, but instead are charm by the promising profit probability accredit by the economy's growth and an array of favorable policies, Ge Cheng have wrote in the Global Times. Based on the practical thoughts, India is simply seek to improve its investment environment and revise its rules and regulations.

Ge Cheng pointed out how the Indian Government had updated FDI rules, raising the foreign investment capital to 49% from 26%, except in state-owned banks and listed companies. The threshold limit for automatic approval has also been slacken to INR 500 billion ($7.4 billion) from INR 300 billion, Cheng said. 

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