As Amid calls from some quarters for boycott of Chinese goods in ongoing Diwali season, China on Thursday said that any such actions will negatively impact the India-bound investments from its enterprises and also the bilateral co-operation between the both countries. China also contend that any such boycott have no much impact on its exports, but without proper substitutes, the biggest losers of the boycott of Chinese goods will be Indian traders and consumers. In a statement issued the Chinese embassy has said China is the world's largest trading nation in goods, with its exports amounted to $2,276.5 billion in 2015 . The exports to India accounted for only 2% of China's total exports and India's boycott of Chinese goods will not have much impact on China's exports. 

Moreover 60-70% of Indian API's for pharma industry are from China. China has played an crucial role in Indian pharmaceutical industry march to the European Union and America market. China also exported a lot of electronic and household products which are attractive both in price and quality. Chinese products not only lowered India's inflation rate, but also fulfilled Indian ordinary people, especially the low-income people's daily needs, greatly improved their life quality, the statement said.

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