As the two years were passed of the NDA Government. There is a appreciable sense of eagerness that a strong government is in role and there is a growing sense of dissatisfaction that the common man has not gained much as expected. Through the Make In India, companion most of the Multi-Nationals were been welcomed and large corporate world was being tried to create. A Large numbers of youth are searching for the workforce and the manufacturing sector is unlikely to provide jobs to the freshers. It is strenuous to secure a huge increase in manufacturing sector in our country, as we do not have the land, minerals or electricity that are necessary. The Manufacturing sector is increasingly being undertaken by automatic machines. Some of the newest plants are crewed entirely by robotics. And the vision remains to be focus on the Service Sector.

The Challenge to the new services is virtually unlimited view. The government must take the initiative to capture new emerging opportunities from the youth. And the primary level of education of the children needs to be changed as the present education system is mainly considering on creating good grades rather then practical knowledge, sports, innovation, thinking etc to the children. As the Production of services requires large numbers of educated, knowledgeable, capable man-force and does not require huge amounts of natural resources like iron or electricity. Mainly the government should conduct the initiative programmers among the students to make them capable to create new innovations. The wages in the country have come under pressure due to the import of cheap products from China. The Indian toy makers are being forced to pay lesser wages due to the competition from imports. The only way to increase the wages of our workforce is to plumb a wall against these cheap imports. We should practice a shielding country's domestic industries from the foreign competition by taxing imports (protectionism) and clutch globalisation for the world economy. Concurrently, the government must provide export subsidies to enable our manufacturers to compete in the global markets despite paying high wages.  The government must find out ways of implementing within the existing World Trade Organization (WTO) Treaty. The Main focus of our government is to secure the welfare of our people.

Another one mainly we must focus on sources of energy that suits for our natural resource inauguration. And needs to protect from the green house effects. The Nuclear power generated from imported uranium makes us depend on the antics of powers of foreign just as China has blocked our entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), though we have abundant resources of thorium. The government is moving fast to develop our solar energy resources, this step is towards the right direction. It must be pushed with full radiance. The hard eliment is we must free our people from the darbies of the welfare. Most of the State Governments are using all the receipts from sales taxes only for paying the salaries of government teachers. And the teaching faculty are been paid about triple the salary of faculties working in the private sector, even the teaching level of govt teachers is poor.

''Lastly the people should change and act proactively for the changes in the society'' 

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