On 18th of this month terrorist on attack Indian Army camp at Uri is suspected that they belong to the Terrorist Group Sipah-e-Sahaba which is responsible for the killing of 18 Indian soldiers. Indian Government response to terrorism with Pakistani involvement has always been to bluster and bear it. India arraign Pakistan of orchestrate terrorism from behind as a nuclear shield. The Civilian Governments in Islamabad frequently been proven to be unable to restrain in the military but have often even been kept in the dark about certain policies and programmers by the Armed Forces.

Meanwhile Pakistan's media has created a enthralling new hypothesis that India mount the Uri terror attack to create loathing between the Muslim and Sikh communities in Kashmir. Pakistani Security sources said to the media that ‘Sikhs have openly supported the just cause of Muslims’ for independence in Kashmir, and also added that it is always the Sikh community selected to suffer by the Hindu-led government in such self-designed attacks. The News International said that India's so-called ‘Mount Attack’ in Uri had multiple goals. 

New Delhi has decided to up the Gerund against Pakistan on the global stage much like it did after the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks. Sushma Swaraj (External Affairs Minister) who is likely to raise the terror attacks in Uri and Pathankot in her speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Sources said she is likely to deliver her address on behalf of the government of India on September 26th.

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