Indian Forces has conducted a surgical strikes last night along the LoC to buffer our nation, the GMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said on Thursday. The Motive of the operation was to hit out at terrorists who were planning to invade into our territory. Ranbir Singh blamed Pakistan for being unable to control terrorist activities which are under its control. The Surgical Strikes on ostensible 'terror launch pads' alongside the de-facto border had caused 'Significant damage to terrorists'. But there was no details of where the strikes took place or any casualties. Pakistani army officials said the fighting started in the early hours of the morning and continued for about six hours.

The September attack on the base at Uri Sector in Indian-administered Kashmir was the deadliest of its kind for years. Islamabad says India's pasture is a 'blatant attempt' to deflect attention from human rights abuses in the region. Pakistan said in a statement that two of its Army were killed during the India-Pak troops exchanged fire in LoC around 2:30 am. According to the media reports 38 militants were been killed by Para Commando forces. 

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