A curfew has been foist across Kashmir as Muslims across the nation celebrate Eid. Mobile and data services have been stopped. Curfew on Eid is especially sparse in Indian-administered Kashmir. The Press Trust of India agency added that Eid flock were not held at the important Idgah and Hazratbal holy place for the first time in 26 years. Kashmiri media reported that markets on the eve of Eid saw far fewer shoppers than previous years, and the habitual gallop for bakery and meat products was missing. On Tuesday security forces fired hare gas and pellet guns at protesters in the Bandipora, Shopian and Srinagar. According to some media reports a 19-year-old was killed after being hit by a hare gas shell in Bandipora. Separatist groups have called for an Austere Eid to bewail the death of over 70 civilians in protests since 9 July. 

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