Taaza Vaartha Rating: 3/5

The Movie 'Hyper' is an huge action comedy with an emotional prominence a father and son relationship. Ram worships his father like a god and how this leads to farcical situations. The chemistry between the successful couple Raashi Khanna and Ram will be one of the major assets of the film. The interval block is going to be one of the highlights of the movie. Movie starts off with a very loud father son relationship Movie moving with entertaining screenplay and funny scenes with hyper father love. Masala treatment with foreseeable screenplay. Emotional scenes rolling,  Hero villain clash scenes reminds of every other Telugu mass masala movie ever made. Time for final act. over all the movie is old meals packed fresh.

Verdict: The movie is good as per the responses received till now, its a youth entertainer. 

Taaza Vaartha

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