Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu said on Saturday that every Gram Panchayat must have a MeeSeva Centre to accredit villagers to complete their work with the government in their village itself. Chief Minister spoke after inaugurating an additional 100 MeeSeva centres for the district and the INR 8.30 Crores shopping complex built by VUDA in place of its old complex in Seetammadhara, Vishakapatnam. Technology to be utilised to the maximum extent. As everything is going online in the State, intrusion of middlemen will be eliminated and the benefits of social welfare schemes would reach the genuine beneficiaries, Chandra Babu said and made it cleared that the social welfare programmers would not be downsized, in this process ineligible and 'ghost' beneficiaries would be weeded out. Files are also going online. Thanks to technology, I will be able to see how a file are moving or how many streetlights in Visakhapatnam are in good shape, Chief Minister said. MeeSeva centres would play a key role in the implementation of all the government programmes.

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