'Kabali' the most hiped movie has been finally got released and the movie seems to be a mixture of 'Mass' and 'Class'. From starting of KABALI review is Mixed talk on the opening day. let's wait for the good.

Why Kabali Good

  • Rajini Action
  • Background Music of Santhosh
  • Crispy Dialogues
  • DOP
  • Action Scenes
  • Neruppa Da Song

Why Kabali Bad

  • Suspense in Climax
  • Weak Plot
  • Slow Narration
  • Predictable Story


Everyone knows that South Indian films are king when it comes to drama and too many unbelievable stunts. Kabali also had many scenes which can’t be digested easily. With heavy dialogues, heightened background score, and forced racy songs in the film. The story of the movie didn’t have any flaws. While watching the talkie, one may think that he is on the wrong screen for a while but after 30 mins everything seems to be sorted out.

Frankly speaking, its waste of time to find logic in some of the films, after all. If you are planning to watch Kabali, go for it but don’t start spoiling the fun by being a spy. The overall storyline is better than of Robots. Another negative part of the movie is Radhika Apte’s character. She does have an attractive character which can catch anyone’s attraction very soon, but the story fails many ways.

As a conclusion of this part, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the film is not threaded up well. One can enjoy the movie if stop finding logics behind every small thing. As a single line statement – Forget going cognitive about Kabali.

Taaza Verdict

KABALI you can watch it for only Rajni's characterization, apart from that because of slow plot of the story you feel boring 'DON Movie'. finally one time watch only for "Thalaivar".

Taaza Rating – 2.5/5

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NOTE: Watch the movie in theatres only, kill Piracy.

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