India is currently developing a supercomputer to forecast monsoon with higher accuracy and it desired to have it up and running by next year, as per sources. The meteorology office is in process to spend $60 million to build the new supercomputer, which will use 3D shape to anticipate how seasonal rains will develop. According to the sources the super computer will be developed by IBM. 

Farming sector is heavily depended on the monsoon season i.e from June to September. The monsoon accounts for more than two-thirds of the country's annual rainfall and precise prophecy could help farmers to identify the relevant time to scatter their crops. In the year 2015 agriculture accounted for about 18% of India's Gross Domestic Product, as per the World Bank. India's current augur system was first introduced during British colonial rule and is based on statistical model that combines historical patterns with data collected from radar, satellites and observatories.

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