Movie Rating: 3.5/5

The story begins with two co-passengers on flight Surbhi (Aishwarya) and Nivetha Thomas (Catherine). To pass the time they talk each other. Aishwarya is a daughter of big business man, got engaged to Jai (Nani). Jai is a rising businessman. Catherine is a VFX Professional narrates about how she met her boyfriend and anxious to meet her boyfriend Gautam (Nani). Aishwarya says that they went to Kodaikanal for two days outing to know each other personally and how romantic they were.

As businessman Jai comes across as a guy who can't be trusted even though he's doing the right things. On a trip to Kodaikanal, Aishwarya wants to test whether they are made for each other. When Catherine is coming to terms with a sudden loss she also has to get to bottom of a enigma. The actors keep you preoccupy. Nani is at allevate as Gautam and brilliant as Jai, velocity moving between being vulnerable and doomy. Nivetha has a strong part and does it with a confident and capable that's hard to miss. She owns every moment she's in the frame without trying too hard. Surbhi too does her part well. When every loose end is tied-up towards the end. Wouldn't it have been nice to have a closure for that character too..? These are minor things in an otherwise smart film.

Taaza Vaartha Verdict: If you're movie observant, you can figure out the perplex to an straighten, that's a depressant in a thriller. 

Taaza Vaartha

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