Pakistan on said Saturday that 'trust deficit' needs to be removed for better relations with India even to support for any effort to restart the impede bilateral dialogues between the two nations. Talking about the recommencement of talks with India, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry said Pakistan would support any effort to restart the dialogue process. Chaudhry said that there was a 'trust deficit' between Pakistan and India which needs to be removed for better relation between two nations. Whenever there will be talks two nations, Kashmir will be on top of the agenda.  (Also read about )

Ahmad Chaudhry also counseled the United States not to attach any conditions for the sale of F-16 fighter jets, after the Congress impede the sale by declining to authorise funding for it. We are making diplomatic efforts to convince the United States to make the purchase of F-16s possible as Pakistan needs them in its ongoing war against terrorism. He also rehearsed support for the peace process in Afghanistan but rejected the use of force against the Afghan Taliban as demanded by the Afghan president after last month's bombing in Kabul, killed over 60 people. Chaudhry said all groups in Afghanistan should stop violence and join talks for lasting peace in the country.

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