India, Myanmar and Thailand are currently working on a 1,400 Km highway that will link these nations by land for the first time in decades, to improve cultural exchanges and trade between three nations. The planned highway starts from India's Moreh to Myanmar's Tamu city. Bhagwant Singh Bishnoi (Indian Ambassador to Thailand) said 73 bridges in Myanmar are built a long ago seven decades earlier during World War-II are being refurbish, by funding from India to allow vehicles to cross the highway safely. After the repair work will be finished within 18 months, the highway could be opened to traffic from all three nations. The Parleying are currently working to conclude a Tri Nation Motor Vehicle Agreement for the use of the 1,400 Km road that will reach Thailand at Tak, Mae Sot district. Thai-Indian trade amounted to $8 billion last year, and more than a million Indian tourists visited Thailand last year. And also about 300 Indian weddings were held in Thai.

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