After the pique of Cyclone Roanu rains took a backseat over the state. The sun began to glide in many parts of the Coastal Andhra. During the past few days, secluded pockets of Coastal Andhra were also observing heatwaves. Temperatures were being recorded well above the 40°C. People are urge for some relief in the form of rains. East India receives extensive pre-monsoon showers.

During the last 24 hours, good showers have lashed parts of Coastal Andhra. Temperatures have also taken a immerse emanate in the fade of heatwaves from the region. A cyclonic circulation is over West Bengal and adjoining Jharkhand and Bihar. Also a crib is expanding across Odisha up to coastal Andhra. Rains are likely to continue for another 24 hours, and heavy rains will be tight over the coastal areas of Andhra the possibility of light showers over the rest of the state cannot be ruled out.

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