Deutsche Bank sees India's gross domestic product growth at 7.8 % in 2017, up from this year's 7.5 noting that the economy seems to have bottomed out. Michael Spencer (German bank's chief economist-Asia Pacific) said we see the economy that looks like it has bottomed out some gauge have been improving in the last 18 months may be it has reached the bottom. But for this year the growth is flattish forecast at 7.5% which is same as last year. India's economic challenges include the building of judicial and legal systems, especially to reconcile commercial disputes for businesses.

India is the world's fastest growing economy, ahead of China's 6.7 % forecast for 2016 and 2017 as reduced from 6.9 % in 2015, as per the data of Deutsche Bank. The bank glimpse world economy stem at 3.6 % in 2017 as it was 3.1 % in 2015 and 3.0 % current year.

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