Nirmala Sitharaman (India's commerce and industry minister) said on Monday that the government has rejected Apple's proposal to sell revamped iPhones. Nirmala said government is not in favour of any company for selling used phones, however certified they may be. The Apple wanted to attract Indian customers its a blow to the company. The wide majority of smartphones sold in world's second most teeming nation have a price tag under $150. Providentially for Apple there is some good news when it comes to opening its own stores in India, its other big strategy in the country. The finance Ministry recently said Apple if it wished to open stores in the country, it would have to sell at least 30% locally sourced goods. Nirmala noted that she was in talks with the finance ministry to reconsider offering Apple a waiver from these local sourcing rules.
This announcement comes after Apple CEO Cook's maiden visit to India. On his four days stay in india, Cook met with several telecom heads and also India Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also announced an iOS design and development centre in Bangalore, Karnataka and a Maps Development Centre in Hyderabad, Telangana

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