Heavily armed agitators waylay and fired at three vehicles convoy of Paramilitary Assam Rifles soldiers in the forest area, which killed six soldiers and one officer on sunday in the latest attack in northeastern region bordering Myanmar, a police official said. The soldiers were on the-way to rescue a rain triggered in Chandel district, Manipur state. All six occupants of the front jeep were killed. The soldiers in the other two vehicles sprint away and escaped the attack, the police said.

The region is crawl over with active militant groups that operate from both sides of the India-Myanmar border. The attack was took place on the Indian side about 15 Km from the border. In June-15 the agitators used rocket-impel grenades, automatic weapons and killed 18 soldiers in the same area. Separatist groups arraign Indian Government of exploiting the region's rich natural resources while neglecting local development. The  precipitous region is well known for its natural beauty and been battling insurgencies for decades.

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