S Jaishankar (Foreign secretary) said that terrorism remains the focus of India's engagement with Pakistan. He said while addressing in a inauguration of US think-tank Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in India, the change this government has brought in is the centrality of terrorism in the dialogue whether it was Ufa, or the NSA meeting in Bangkok or the comprehensive bilateral dialogue when it happens. Jaishankar said, the issue of terrorism needs to be addressed effectively as it is hard to say that relationship with Pakistan is normal. This is what puts Pakistan in a different category than other neighbours. So yes, terrorism remains the focal point of our relationship and Pathankot has made it so as well. China's decision to block the ban on Masood Azhar in the United Nations Security Council who is responsible for terrorist acts in india, Jaishankar confirmed India had taken up the issue with the Chinese at a 'fairly high level'. India will continue to engage China on the issue but it's at the United Nations. This issue will not overflow into other issues.

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