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'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' is a action-masala oriented film, which was written by Pawan Kalyan. This film is a sequel to Pawan's 2012 blockbuster movie 'Gabbar Singh'. The story begins from the prequel ended (Gabbar Singh) and Gabbar Singh who is a police inspector has been transferred to the Rattanpur Police Station in the second installment. Rattanpur is a former princeliest state and Bhairon Singh who is in coal mafia wreaks pillage on the lives of the villagers. The liege landlord is trying to grasp the lands of the villagers by force. Kajal Aggarwal who playes role of Princess Arshi, wants to rescue the villagers, but she will be in a helpless situation. At this moments, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is transferred as the inspector of the Rattanpur Police Station. He falls in love with Arshi and locks horns with Bhairon Singh to put an end to his cruels in the rattanpur.
As per the review from audience, 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' has a routine story, but it is the screenplay is good interesting to watch movie. Nothing much happens in terms of story in the first half of the film, which only introduces the violence of Bhairon Singh. The fight scene before the interval sets the moment for the story. The second half is very interesting and the action sequence at the climax is superb. Pawan Kalyan is at his best in terms of performance, which is the highlight of 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh'. Kajal Aggarwal has done justice to her role and she fills the glamour slot. Her chemistry with the Power Star is a treat to film goers. Sharad Kelkar's performance and Brahmanandam, Ali and Brahmaji's comedy are also among the big assets of the film, say the audience.
'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' has been made with a budget of INR 70 crores and it has superb production. DSP music and Arthur A Wilson's beautiful picturisation, Ram Lakshman choreographed action scenes, stylish weapons and costumes and the selection of beautiful locales are the attractions on the technical front, feel the audience.

Taaza Verdict: One man (Pawan Kalyan) Show with Routine story and Commercial elements.

NOTE: Watch in theaters only and Kill Piracy. 

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