Prime Minister Narendra Modi on sunday shared his ideas on a number of issues on his 'Mann Ki Baat' programme on All India Radio today. 

  • The Prime Minister begins by talking about the heat waves in several parts of the country and the issue of water conservation.
  • The PM talks about a village in Ahmednagar in which people decided to change their cropping pattern and grow plants with less water .
  • The PM says 'clean drinking water means better health' and can actually lead to GDP.
  • PM says it is imperative to conserve and store rain water in villages. We must start a campaign to promote this.  
  • The PM says that rainfall this monsoon will be wonderful but it also brings challenges. We must maximize crop productivity.
  • PM Modi talks about initiatives to clean the Ganga. We will all have to be change agents for the cleaning of the Ganga. The government is making numerous efforts.
  • The PM says that today is celebrated as 'Panchayati Raj' diwas in our country. Which helped in good democratic values in villages.

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