India's business environment has become better but need more improvement in the areas of land acquisition, procurement process and dispute resolution to acheive its global standing, says a report.  According to a World Economic Forum-PwC report, institutional, business and sectoral reforms are needed to increase private sector collaboration in India's smart city initiatives. Neel Ratan (Leader, Government and Public Sector, PwC India) said state governments, local government and newly constituted special-purpose vehicles will need to drive the reforms agenda forward by ensuring the permitting process is simplified and risk-sharing in public-private partnership is optimal, The report noted that with the inception of the ambitious smart city programme, private sector will play a pivotal role in the execution of the urban development projects in India.

Urbanisation in India will accelerate as population in urban areas is set to reach 814 million by 2050, and the country needs to develop world class cities to compete at a global scale presently government has planned for smart cities to initiate world class cities . Cities in India planed to embed technology in the delivery of  urban infrastructure and services, they also needs plan to bridge the demand-supply gap in the provision of core urban services such as water, waste management and sanitation, said Alice Charles (Community Lead, Infrastructure and Urban Development Industry, World Economic Forum).

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