The technology is the collection of skills, techniques, processes and methods used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. In the World Economic Forum 2016 was held in Davos, Switzerland it stated that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will unfold, which will eliminate millions of jobs over the next 5-10 years.

Effects on Employments:

Agriculture: Due to increased mechanization and farm productivity less than 2% of population is directly employed in United States. In India 50% of population is employed in farm fields. The necessities such as land, fertilisers, pesticides, machinery and seeds are becoming expensive. The technology is providing cost effective labour solutions. This shows individual farming is not going to stick around for a long period. The employment would be reduced to a very low level when rich land owners and companies acquire this sector.

Factory Workers: When speaking about Japan there are more than 1,500 robots for every 10,000 workers in the automobile manufacturing units as the technology is faster, better. In future the livelihood of many factory workers in india may eager way .

Teachers: Presently a trend was developed for online classes, students have started taking online classes without going to colleges to pursue higher education. The couching centers, schools and colleges preferring online education because with a single teacher they can make learn to the thousand of students. Which increases the revenue with significant cost. With technology institutes hire teachers, when they don't even need constant salaries.

News Reporters: In Wikipedia 8.5% of total content is being written by robots. Associated Press uses skillful writers to publish over 3,000 financial reports every quarter. The revenues have dropped for news agencies and printing media mean while reporters becoming expensive. Use of technology mean that few human news reporters meant for more opinion pieces than news.

Health Workers: Watson, an IBM perceiving computing prototype, will completely change the medical diagnosis. It can give consistent, accurate and free diagnosis of medical conditions. Even the smart phones, electronic health monitoring devices, computerised medical history will eliminate the consulting of health care professionals.

Accountants: The accounting software for businesses are easier to use, which out maintaining physical records. Requirement of man power is comparatively low. Many corporate companies use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to strengthen their businesses. For this demand for professional accountants is rapidly low.

Software Tester: Corporate companies are now using QA automation tools to write their own testing codes, so that the QA process can be completed with in a stipulated time. This shows many QA engineering jobs would be redundant in future.

Cashiers: Shopping malls, supermarkets and large stores are integrated with automated self-checkout systems by which one needs to swipe to pay with dedit, credit or smart cards. This shows in coming years there will be no cashiers.

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