Arvind Panagariya (Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog of India) says Andhra Pradesh will become the Shenzen of India and could replace Singapore as the costal port, if we prepare now. In an exclusive interview with M.Rajendran arvind highlighted the importance of southern states in playing critical role in developing the coastal economic zones, he urged the state governments to prepare the infrastructure for quick implementation of GST. By answering to a question Mr.Arvind said all the southern states have a critical role to play. My last book before i joined Niti Aayog was on 'Making miracles in three states' i.e Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat. 

Andhra Pradesh before it broke up, in the early 1990's was better of than Uttar Pradesh, but by the time our study was completed Andhra had taken off, poverty had declined and is truly doing well. The new Andhra Pradesh has huge potential, it is near the state and if it plays its card right. Mr.Arvind said AP has two deep dredged ports, so there is huge potential for Vizag and other ports.

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