So, here we go. Can England make a game of it? Batting is their strength, and it's a good surface, but will they be able to get the last couple of hours out of their heads? Roy to face. Rabada, no less, taking the new ball. 
Akshay Megharaj: "I thought Amla played amazing. Yet he has second worst strike rate today!" Yes, an amazing knock - one of many. All too easy to blame the bowling (which was awful) and ignore some special strokeplay. 

"Boy would I love to hear what Botham might be saying right now," grins Frank. I bet it's pure poetry." Probably not particularly sonorous poetry, but poetic nevertheless.
Thanks Alan. Have we all found our happy place after that massacre? I have.
I just checked the definition of shocker
"a shock absorber."

"incorrect loading results in overloaded tyres and shockers"
Well, not quite. This is better. "something that shocks, especially through being unacceptable or sensational." Let's not dwell on "unacceptable". It was, though, a sensation from South Africa. Abject bowling, yep, but supreme, skilful and exhilarating batting. The ease with which sixes were tonked was something to behold.
And it's a damn good surface. Anything can happen…

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