ips men should follow to keep themselves fit
So what if you are the sole bread-earner in the family? It is clearly not the escape route to follow a unhealthy routine. You might be spending 10-12 hours doing business and rest of time time looking after daily household chores but you can still follow a healthy rountine simultaneously

Early to bed and early to rise

In simpler words, it is essential to get enough and proper sleep. For that you should make it a point to hit sack early at night and also wake up early in the morning. Lack of proper sleep can surely deteriorate your mental as well as physical health.

Consume healthy diet

Consuming a mixed bag full of carbs, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables is a must if you want to stay fit. Eating a balanced meal which includes all these things will definitely make you a healthier individual. Consume food on time and avoid junk foods.

Take plenty of fluids

Keeping your body hydrated all the time is a must and you should ensure that you follow it religiously. It acts as a natural cleanser for the digestive system and also helps in flushing out toxins through sweat and urine. Consuming 8-10 glasses of water along with fresh fruit juices is a must.


This is not something that you need to follow on a regular basis. You can take some time out for it bi-annually or even annually but make sure that you do it. Go for physical check up tom make sure that everything is perfect.

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