BJP chief Amit Shah’s while addressing at the party’s National Executive meeting he asserted that it will not tolerate criticism against the country and that freedom of expression cannot be a plea for shouting anti-national slogans. Shah attacked Congress by saying its main focus was to ensure that the Modi dispensation does not perform, as he hailed the government for providing corruption-free governance and dynasty-free leadership and giving stability and hope to people.

Hitting out at the Left and Congress for their criticism of the government over freedom of expression, he said wryly that supporters of Maoism and Stalin were talking about it and recalled the Emergency execesses to target the main opposition party. In JNU, slogans were raised to destroy India. Rahul Gandhi went there and said nothing about these slogans but instead tried to justify them on the ground of freedom of expression. BJP welcomes any criticism of the party, person or government, but it will not tolerate criticism of the country. While BJP fully respects freedom of expression, patently anti-national activity cannot be justified on the plea of freedom of expression. It is plainly not acceptable, Shah said. On the row over 'Bharat mata ki jai' he said a large number of people sacrificed their lives shouting this slogan, which is older than BJP and RSS. It was unfortunate that a controversy over it had occured so many years after independence, he added. He had receny said 99 per cent of people are in support of raising the slogan and his party will convince the remainder.

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