Indian National Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said Pm Modi let that country out of the little cage it had been put in after the dastardly Mumbai terror attacks. Rahul lashed out at the Modi for not listening to anyone, including his External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Rahul said the United Progress Alliance government led by the Congress had scored a diplomatic victory over Pakistan and destroyed their reputation after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. Pakistan directly attacked this country in Mumbai. They trained and sent killers into Mumbai. And what does the PM do? 
Rahul said modi decides to have to go to Pakistan and have a cup of tea with (Pakistan Prime Minister) Nawaz Sharif, without any vision. He said Modi did't bother to ask anyone before making a sudden trip to Lahore. He didn’t ask Sushma ji even. He just went there as if only his opinion matters,” the Congress leader said amid frequent thumping of desks by his party colleagues. He destroyed six years of our hard work. He gifted them (Pakistan) a status and put them out of the cage we had put them in. He disrespected the national flag, the oath, those who died in Mumbai.” The Congress leader took a jibe at the prime minister for allegedly refusing to consult others on issues pertaining to the country.


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