Deloitte says a greater roll-out of 4G services in the country, consumer demand for online content will increase rapidly in the coming years. The 4G will bring a complete transformation of television viewing experience and mark a shift in the control from the broadcaster to the consumer. And low-cost smartphones bundled with low tariff which will helps in growing the Internet usage in India over the coming years. 4G services increase the capability to offer high-quality content. Rural users accounts for 35% of India's Internet usage, by representing over 60% of the country's population. In the coming years, a digital platform like digital audio and video on demand service will see increased activity. Hence, getting the right business model will be very crucial, Deloitte said. 

Total number of Internet subscribers had reached 319.42 million by the end of June 2015. According to IMAI the Internet user base will cross 500 million by 2018, with rural Internet users alone being almost 210 million. Traditional TV services are well accepted and direct TV is still the chosen option, but OTT (over-the-top) is the new consumer reality which is changing ways of TV consumption for large masses, Deloitte said. According to a Media Partner Asia (MPA) report, India's active OTT video subscribers in 2014 were 12 million and is expected to grow to 105 million by 2020. Though OTT media is growing faster, there is quite a long way to go.

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