In Andhra Pradesh Assembly debate on the motion of thanks to the Governor's address virtually exposed the Opposition YSR Congress, providing the right opportunity for the ruling TDP to pro-claim innocence on the controversy stirred by Sakshi media on the alleged land deals in the new capital region 'Amaravati'. An emotional Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu lashed out at Jagan for trying to scuttle the development of the state capital and thereby damage the interests of AP and its people as a whole. Chandra Babu said you(Jagan) have been playing dirty political games in the last two years and trying not to built capital region. But I will build a world class people's capital that is my commitment, you cannot do anything. 

Mean while Jagan raised the capital lands issue while speaking on the motion of thanks to the Governor's address. He said there is insider trading behind the land purchases allegedly made by some Ministers and ruling party leaders. He read out some reports published in his `Sakshi' newspaper and in particular took the names of two Ministers from TDP i.e P Pulla Rao and P Narayana over the land issue. Chandra Babu, TDP and BJP demanded that Jagan prove the allegations right on the floor of the House or tender an unconditional apology. If you prove the allegations, the two Ministers will be dismissed. Otherwise, you have to face action of the House.

Chandra Babu said you(Jagan) don't even know the meaning of insider trading. You are facing many criminal charges and trials. You have no right to talk. Despite the series of news reports, 'Sakshi' or Jagan could not produce single evidence of wrongdoing in the land deals. You have to speak responsibly and produce evidence for your words. Jagan then appeared to divert the issue and wanted the TDP Government to order a CBI inquiry into alleged land deals. The BJP Ministers Kamineni Srinivas and P Manikyala Rao rose to their feet and ridiculed Jagan saying you are used to it (CBI probe), so you want CBI inquiry into everything, in reference to the numerous trials currently underway in courts against the 43-year-old politician. The Government warned of 'punishment by the House' if Jagan did not prove his allegations against the Ministers. 

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