Officials who had came for the review meet held on Wed from 4pm to 7pm by Chandra Babu had to starve due to the inordinate delay Officials, engineers, contractors and CEO have waited since 4 PM for the CM to arrive. And Babu had finished cabinet meeting, press meet and later came for the review meet at 9: 30 PM and extended it till 12: 45 AM. Due to the delay, none of the officials had their dinner and worse, sugar levels dropped for three of them. 

One of three official's situation was so bad that a doctor was called to treat him. Later, they fed sweet and gave him an injection. The plight did not end here, when the meeting finished at 12:45 AM, the officials came out to find out that hotels were already closed. So, they had to eat idlis on a road side stall and satiate the hunger.

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