Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that while ensuring that the common people are benefited it is possible for India to move forward and to grow faster. Modi said in an event in New Delhi. There are more expectations of us and we have challenges ahead. He also added, “When people of a nation make up their minds to go forward and when the power of the people is with us, hard challenges become huge opportunities.” PM said that Foreign Direct Investment has gone up by 39% in 18 months in India, at a time when globally FDI has fallen.

Less than two years, when BJP was in power we have taken India to the top of the global league tables of foreign investment and growth. I feel ours is a journey well begun; I’m confident tee will reach our destination shortly. PM said we have created a platform for a new future and for a new India. Modi also said we have ended political interference and crony capitalism in nationalised banks, His government has successfully managed to end an era of “high-level corruption”. 

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