After a day-long debate, Rajya Sabha passed the long pending Juvenile Justice Bill today. Parents of December 16, 2012, Delhi gangrape victim, Jyoti Singh, were present in Rajya Sabha throughout the day as lawmakers debated the bill.

  1. Rajya Sabha is adjourned amid protest from opposition after government calls for more pending bills and laws to be passed. Opposition parties protest after Parliamentary Affairs Minister insisted that the bills to which the opposition had agreed should also be passed today.
  2. Under the new law, those in 16-18 age group will be be examined by Juvenile Justice Board to assess if crime was committed as child or adult.
  3. Rajya Sabha passes Juvenile Justice Bill.
  4. Voting over Juvenile Justice Bill begins in Rajya Sabha.
  5. We are not opposing the bill but if it is not being sent to select committee, we are walking out: Yechury. CPM walks out of Rajya Sabha.
  6. It is wrong to say that we have spoken on sentiments. We have spoken factually too: Derek O' Brien
  7. Lawmaking can not be based on sentiments: Sitaram Yechury.
  8. Is a child a child because he is 16 or because he has been nurtured like that?: Maneka Gandhi.
  9. Is poverty only reason why some children turn criminal? How then does Sweden, with no poor people, have high number of rape cases?: Maneka Gandhi.
  10. It is unfortunate that such incidents are increasing. Apart from making a law, the role of administration and society is also important. Social awareness is needed. House should think can one stringent law stop people from committing crimes?: Congress MP lawmaker Anand Sharma.
  11. NCP and DMK have opposed amendment in Juvenile justice Act saying there is no scientific evidence to show children mature early.
  12. Naqvi requests the Speaker to complete the debate by 5 pm and let the minister respond post that.
  13. Arun Jaitley clarifies on Juvenile Justice Bill: According to the law, if the crime comes under two laws, then the convict will be made to serve the harsher punishment.
  14. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi requests the chair to expunge BSP MP SC Mishra statement. Mishra said People like VK Singh also need to be sent to reform homes for his anti-Dalit comments
  15. Apart from financial, psychological, educational support should be given to the juveniles once they are out of remand homes. The punishment term for juvenile convicts should be increased: Derek O'Brien.
  16. Shantaram Naik of Congress and Derek O' Brien withdraw the motion to send the JJ Bill to the select committee. This means the bill is likely to be passed in Rajya Sabha today. 
  17. This may not be the best bill possible. But we can't wait indefinitely: Trinamool Congress MP Derek O'Brien.
  18. Opinions about the age of juvenile is divided. We will have to keep in mind that the criminals can misuse juveniles: Azad.
  19. Juveniles should not be kept with the hardcore criminals in jail: Azad.
  20. Nirbhaya's mother is not fighting for justice only for her daughter, but to ensure that such crime doesn't happen again: Ghulam Nabi Azad.
  21. Lack of police patrolling; patrolling cars instead of tailing VIP's should be deployed in those areas where it is required more; additional lights should be provided in dark alleys of big cities. It will act as deterrent: Ghulam Nabi Azad.
  22. New Bill will mandate regular review of juvenile convicts: Maneka Gandhi.
  23. If the convict has reformed, then he will walk free otherwise he will be put in jail: Maneka Gandhi.
  24. Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi speaking in Rajya Sabha as debate over Juvenile Justice Bill begins.
  25. Treating a 16-year-old as an adult is totally wrong, we oppose it. In Rajya Sabha, the Bill should be referred to a Select Committee: Brinda Karat.
  26. We want Juvenile Justice Bill to be passed today, he assured us it will be: Asha Devi, Nirbhaya's mother, after meeting Rahul Gandhi.
  27. Requested him to help in passage of Juvenile Justice Bill in Rajya Sabha, he assured us that Congress will support the bill. Rahul ji said he will support the passage of this Bill: Asha Devi, Nirbhaya's mother.
  28. Juvenile Justive Bill expected to be taken up in Rajya Sabha at 2 pm.
  29. Victim Jyoti Singh's parents to reach Parliament at 1 pm to witness proceedings in Rajya Sabha. They will be listening to discussion over the bill.
  30. Rajya Sabha adjourned till 1 pm as Congress and parties continue protest over DDCA scam.
  31. Jyoti Singh's parents meet Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.
  32. In Monsoon Session we introduced Juvenile Justice Bill in Parliament 12 times. In Winter Session we have listed this Bill five times. I hope Rajya Sabha will pass the Bill today: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.                                                                                                         Source:in

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