As Tamil Nadu struggling to get back to normalcy after the worst floods it has seen in decades, actor Siddharth, who himself was one of the victims of the rains, turned out to help the stranded people in different parts of the city. The actor who is being hailed as a hero for his tireless relief efforts in the state, has painted a real and gritty picture of the devastation.

In an interview with TV channel NDTV yesterday, the actor said he was neither an opponent nor a proponent of this government. He said the floods were of such epic proportions that any state government would find the rehabilitation a long and intense process. Talking of the relief efforts in Cuddalore, he said the situation was bad, but not as bad as the social media made it out to be.

The actor says that the information on social media was often recirculated and therefore, fell behind the times. Giving an example, he said, “While today, one might send a message saying 5000 bottles of water is needed, the message will be there six days later, when one needs not water, but dustbins to dispose of the bottles.”

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