Sujit alias Ravinder claiming that he is elder son of Chiranjeevi and also acting in Chiru’s super hit film Pasivadi Pranam movie as a dum child artist.
One hot topic is shaking Telugu film industry from last night. According to latest updates, a young man Sujit alias Ravinder has approached State Human Rights Commission and said that, he is eldest son of mega star Chiranjeevi and he also saying that, he was acted along with mega star in super hit movie Pasivadi Pranam by playing a child role.
Ravinder also said that, he is ready for DNA test to prove himself as a son of Chiru. However, mega fans serious about this issue and they turn this down to be a cheap publicity stunt. Chiru fans and closed people said that, the person acted with Chiru in that movie is not Sujit and she is a serial and character artist Sujitha.
Yesterday, he approached the HRC and claiming that, he is the son of Mega Star Chiranjeevi and he also acted as a dumb kid in the movie Pasivadi Pranam along with Chiranjeevi. The complete information either HRC has accepted this case or not yet to be unknown.
A popular TV channel scrolled this news without having complete details from last night. However, fans apposed this as fake news and all these people are playing cheap tricks to degrade the image of the star. Earlier there are many such cases revolved around film stars. They got calmed down as the days passed on, Let us see how HRC is going to treat this appeal and how it turns.
Up to now, Chiru or any other family members were not responding on this issue and let us see how far this matter goes on.

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