Facebook has announced that its Instant Articles service is now available to Indian Android and iOS users. Though the company is going to roll out the service, which will be offered through the Facebook Android and iOS app, gradually and only some users in India would get it for now.
For the service, Facebook has partnered with five publications, including India Today. The other four are Aaj Tak, the Hindustan Times, the Quint and the Indian Express.
"We at Facebook are really excited to be rolling out Instant Articles in India on Monday. We are working with a publisher ecosystem that is varied and we are excited to see how this product will resonate with Facebook users and publishers in India," Andy Mitchell, Facebook's director, news and global media partnerships, told the mint.
Facebook Instant articles have been available on iOS in the US and Western Europe for some time, but this marks the first time the service is coming to a developing country and that too on both Android and iOS.
The social networking giant claims that using its app, articles on the app load 10 times faster than the mobile web. It says that on an average it takes 8 seconds for a news article to load on its standard mobile app. India is a big market for Facebook.
During a recent visit to the country, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed India to be its second largest market outside the US with more than 130 million users.


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