Bankshaving operations in Odishahave achieved only 32.43 per cent of the annual Credit planof Rs 47,757.13 crore target fixed for the current fiscal as on September end.
In the first six months of 2015-16, the credit disbursement made by the banks under major segments of priority sector is Rs 15,487.72 crore.
According to the latest data collated by the State Level Bankers' Committee (SLBC), the achievement for the agriculture and allied sectors (direct) is Rs 8,508.56 crore, which is only 33.32 per cent of the credit target of Rs 25,536.88 crore fixed for the current financial year. The achievement under the agriculture and allied sector (indirect) is 82.66 per cent against the target of Rs 689.21 crore.
The credit to micro and small enterprises is calculated at Rs 4,424.24 crore (36.86 per cent) against the target of Rs 12,003.29 crore. Advances to education sector were abysmally low with a meager 8.59 per cent achievement of the targeted Rs 1,200.49 crore.
Against the allocation of Rs 2,665.54 crore credit for the housing sector, the credit off take is Rs 818.94 crore at the end of second quarter. As on September end, lending to other priority sectors stood at 18.78 per cent of Rs 5,661.72 crore target.
Public sector banks have achieved 23.22 per cent of the credit target of Rs 25,902 crore. The private banks have fared better than their public sector counterparts with an achievement of 52.37 per cent. Private banks were given a target of Rs 3,244.74 crore and have disbursed Rs 1,699.24 crore by September end.
The Regional Rural Banksand co-operative banks have clocked 31.40 per cent and 49.33 per cent of the target of Rs 7850.89 crore and Rs 10758.85 crore respectively.
It may be noted that the total outlay for credit requirement projections is an aggregation of the Potential Linked Credit Plans for 2015-16 prepared by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) for all the districts of the state.
Source: Business Standard

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