Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condemned Friday’s terror attacks in Paris and proposed measures to deal with global terrorism at the G-20 summit being held in Turkey.

“I condemn the barbaric terrorist attacks in Paris in the strongest terms,” Mr. Modi said in a statement posted on his official website on Saturday. “We feel the shock, pain and outrage of the people of France,” he said.

Speaking at a working dinner at the summit of the Group of 20 industrial and developing nations a day later, Mr. Modi proposed ways to tackle terrorism.

“The world must speak in one voice and act in unison against terrorism, without any political considerations,” he said. “We must isolate those who support and sponsor terrorism; and, stand with those who share our values of humanism.”

Mr. Modi stressed the need of an international legal framework and said world leaders should adopt what he called a “comprehensive convention on international terrorism without any delay.” He said cooperation on intelligence and counter-terrorism between nations should increase.

The Indian leader said there is a need to start a “social movement against extremism,” addressing the youth and involving religious leaders, thinkers and opinion makers.

“We need to de-link terror and religion and work together to counter radicalization,” he said

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