We are sure you have heard about and experienced the power cuts in Karnataka. Also in a major city like Bangalore (silicon city of India! ) there will be 3 hour power cuts. The situation outside Bangalore is even worse. In Mangalore, the power cuts are so frequent that my UPS gets confused when to switch on and off. 

You may be surprised to know that the reason for the power cuts is NOT non availability of power!! There is surplus power available in the country now after Modi Government came by use of alternate sources of energy. 

The real reason for the power cut is that the state government has squandered the money because of inefficiency and with various schemes like Shaadi Bhagya, Krishi Bhagya, Ksheera Bhagya, Pashu Bhagya, Vastra Bhagya etc. Now there is no money to buy power from central grid.
It is now trying to create a myth that there is shortage of power production....
pls share this message and let everyone know why they have power cuts.

A few interesting facts about Karnataka. .....
Road Tax : HIGHEST in the country
Petroleum Tax : HIGHEST in the country
Alcohol Tax : HIGHEST in the country
Property regn tax : 2nd HIGHEST in the country
Bus fares : HIGHEST in the country
What do people of Karnataka get in return for these taxes?
Condition of Roads : WORST in the country (in fact roads in UP and Bihar are far better than roads in Whitefield )
Traffic Management : WORST in the country ( some companies considering introducing helicopter services to ply people within the city)
Garbage management : WORST among any Metro. Shortage of dustbins on roads.
Power supply : WORST among any metro (3 hours a day power cuts)

The time has come wherein we the common citizens should join hands to question the inefficiency in state government.

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