1. Hike Down The Cascading Jog Falls

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Hike down to the base of the falls and can take a plunge in the water. There are several points from where you can view the beauty of the Jog falls. Watkins platform is one of the popular points to view the falls. HolidayIQ Traveller Prasanna Kumar says, 
“Jog falls is one of the must visit places in Karnataka especially in winter season. Jog Falls situated around 100 km from Shimoga is a very beautiful place to hangout with friends and also family. Transportation facilities are good from Shimoga bus stand as you will find a lot of govt. And private buses to Jog Falls. Though visitors are banned to go down the steps still its worth a visit to this Falls because of its immense beauty. In rainy season you may not get a clear view of the Falls due to heavy fog but still one can enjoy the beauty of it and the atmosphere itself makes you enjoy the trip.”

2. Have A Free Lunch In Varadahalli

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Varadahalli is a small hamlet that is off the main road near the town of Sagar. Free lunch is provided at a communal dining hall every day to all visitors between 12.30 - 14.00 hrs. The fare is a simple vegetarian meal consisting of rice with rasam, sambar, and buttermilk. Note that local traditions require all people to remove their footwear before entering the dining hall, and for all males to remove the shirts at the time of lunch. Also, the seating is on the floor and there are no tables or chairs.

3. Visit The Old Stone Temple At Ikkeri

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Ikkeri is best visited on the way back from Varadahalli and has an approx. 500 year beautiful old stone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. HolidayIQ Traveller Akshatraj Adij says,  
Ikkeri was once the capital of Rajas of Keladi. It's just 6 kms from Sagar. Now it is the temple capital of Shivamogga. Aghoreshwara temple is one of the finest examples of Indian temples which has stood since ages.”

4. Take A Rickshaw Ride To Mattur

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The easiest way to get to Mattur is via Shimoga which is one of the main towns in Karnataka. There are plenty of sharing rickshaws and buses plying from any part of Shimoga to Mattur all through the day. There are no restaurants or guest houses in Mattur. One can stay in the village paatshaala (school) or look for home stay options within the village. Mattur is the last Sanskrit speaking village left in India. This village is situated on the banks of the River Tunga and has a beautiful small Lord Rama temple situated on its banks which is one of the few attractions of the village.

5. Spend Sometime Alone At Kudali Sangama

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HolidayIQ Traveller Mssthirdeve recommends visiting Kudali Sangama. Kudali Sangama-14 Kms from Shimoga where Tunga and Bhadra rivers merge. You might not find this place crowded with tourist. This place is like a Land's End since two rivers are meeting, hence, even though people specifically come to this place, there is no place for them to linger on.

6. Go For A Wildlife Safari

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Lion and Tiger Safari is around 12 Km from the Shimoga bus terminus. Not a safari in the true sense of the word because the lions and tigers are housed in fenced enclosures and a sighting is guaranteed. The park also has a mini zoo housing hyenas, bears, porcupines, pythons, and alligators. Entrance is 15 rupees, cameras 50 rupees (video cameras 150 rupees) and safari bus ticket 40 rupees. Unlike some other tourist spots in India, the charges here are not the same for Indian and foreign nationals. For Foreign Nationals it is 400 rupees. HolidayIQ Traveller Amara says, “A nice safari to enjoy and watch wild animals.”

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