The Telugu Desam Party government appears to have taken a decision to stop the land acquisition process for the new capital of Amaravati, as the issue started snowballing into a major political controversy.

In fact, Pawan did nothing to stop land acquisition by the TDP government, except indulging in tweet war with the TDP leaders.

Even before Jagan came to know about the TDP government’s second thoughts on the land acquisition, Pawan reacted quickly and posted on the social networking site, thanking Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for reconsidering his decision.

He also thanked ministers Narayana and Pulla Rao for taking initiative in stalling the land acquisition.

Perhaps, it is a ploy to deny political mileage to Jagan, who has gone overboard to claim that he would return the lands as soon as he comes to power, which is going to happen soon!


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