With the recently announced CODE-FOR-AP project, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu wants to Transform AP into a digitally empowered and Knowledge Capital of the world… In this regard, the tech-savvy CM has asked the NRIs and IT people to Roll up their sleeves and build digital AP
A healthy democracy and any state advancement can not exist without informed citizens and a transparent medium. Transparent and an easy to use digital platform is essential for citizens’ involvement in the community, especially at a time when the government requires more and more of people. The important aspects of transparency and open government are open platform and sharing of knowledge, data and services.
Vision: Transform AP into a digitally empowered and knowledge capital of the world…
Mission: Capitalize and leverage the large Telugu IT community’s expertise and eagerness to help enhance the quality of everyday lives of the people from homeland!

WEBSITE: http://codeforap.org/
EMAIL ID: info@codeforap.org

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