It's 11th of May 2019,

The International Artist "Trixii AL" announced about his Cover Song Release on Radio Top 80 Poland. His song was Selected by "Adrian77" original name "(Adrian Rzecznik) " from the Radio Top 80, Poland.


Have on look on What Trixii AL wrote on thanks giving to Poland Radio Top 80!

Hello Folks! 
Happily announcing and sharing a proud moment that my Cover Song "When Will I See You Again" is played
at Radio Top 80, Poland.
A Special Thanks to Adrian77 (Adrian Rzecznik) for choosing my song to play on the Radio Top80 Poland and Thank you also for making this song possible to reach the Poland audience. Now this song is slowly getting popular internationally.
Sharing with you
- The YouTube Channel of Radio Top80
- The Website of Radio Top80
You can find all the streams of the Radio Here.
It is directly managed by "Adrian77" Himself.
- Website-
Please SUBSCRIBE this channel for listening Radio TOP80 streams.
Now, I would like to write heartfelt gratitude to the Divine and
Special Thanks to all of you who always supported me, Specifically, my elders, my Parents, my brother and sisters and importantly friends, who always stood by my side in my good and bad conditions. I am sorry I cannot write each of your names since the number of people is so high. Each one of you is special and important for me.
In this cheerful spirit, I would like to Thanks to Sidhant and my other crew for being on my side and focus correctly to make this possible.
Thanks also to my teachers who held my hands and showered a lot of blessings.
All of you are much more than anyone else.
Let the blessings and love keep showering from your end.
I'll continue to bring more new songs in future.
Keep Loving
Keep in Touch
Warm Regards
Lot of Love
Tridev (Trixii AL) ".

So this is What was Trixii AL's words on Facebook! 
"SHEELA DIANA FERGUSON" has appreciated the song and the poster of "Trixii AL" . 
She writes"Fabulous! Sheela Ferguson From The Three Degrees" . 

Check out those images:

Now Stream the Radio Play :

Shower on him your love and blessings for musical success.And Team Taaza Vaartha Wishes a grand success for "Trixii AL" and his team.

Taaza Vaartha

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