1. Your crush is active now in facebook  Messenger. Green circle is showing. But you don't send her a message.
  2. You have deactivated all of your social media accounts but regularly feel the urge to reactivate your account again for a few minutes. But you are determined to keep away from social websites.
  3. Avoid pornography and all sorts of erotic videos.
  4. You finally quit smoking. But your mind gives you a signal for nicotine. But you keep your promise that you will not touch a cigarette again.
  5. When You have plenty of options to date but you focus on your studies instead of dating to avoid any potential distractions.
  6. Stop playing smartphone game Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go and Clash Royale.
  7. Find 1 million dollars on the street and return it to the actual owner.
  8. Keeping yourself away from watching random youtube videos for hours and hours.
  9. It's a cold and frosty morning. You are running in the cold weather instead of sleeping while everybody is sleeping under the blanket.

If you learn self-control, you can master anything.

Source: Shovan Chowdhury @ Quora 

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