Movie Rating: 3.50/5

The romantic entertainer Ninnu Kori starts with newlyweds Pallavi (Nivetha) and Arun (Aadhi) who plans their first anniversary celebrations. The story shifts back to Vizag where the love story of Pallavi and Uma(Nani) starts. Pallavi wants to learn dance and she gets impressed with Uma dance and asks him to teach her. There are many scenes to establish the chemistry between the two. Uma leaves to Delhi for research under a professor which disappoints Pallavi. Pallavi asks Uma to marry her immediately but rejects says that he will marry after getting job. When Uma will be delhi, Pallavi gets married to Arun. Rest of the story to be seen in the theater which makes you trilling.

Verdict: The movie treatment is fresh. With striking visuals and two songs, 'Unnatundi Gunde' and 'Adiga Adiga', the movie keeps one affix to the seat.

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