French multinational ienformation technology consulting corporation 'Capgemini' is expected to hire over 20,000 people in India this year and has re-skilled 45,000 employees until May as it takes step towards the automation. It hired 33,000 employees last year and re-skilled 51,000. About 1,00,000 people were working in its India operations. Most of the IT companies are hiring fewer people and re-skilling staff in adopting automation and digitisation. Nasscom's anual review said jobs grew only by 5% in FY17 and there may be a 20-25% reduction over the next three years. 

The gap between revenue and job growth is expected to increase, given the commoditised nature of IT services as robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence become a part of the business model. TCS, India's largest IT firm, said it offered jobs to close to 20,000 this it offered jobs to close to 20,000 this fiscal and has skilled 200,000 employees across 600,000 competencies. The Mumbai-based company had 3,87,223 employees at March end, against 3,53,843 a year ago -a jump of 9.5%. Bangalore-based Infosys is going to hire 20,000 in India in FY 2018.Total number of employees in Infosys stood at 2,00,364 as of March 31, 2017 versus 1,94,044 a year ago -a mere 3% increase.  In its annual report, Infosys said automation has helped it eliminate around 11,000 full-time employees worth of effort and repurpose those people into more "valuable and rewarding" tasks.

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