The wager being legal in the United Kingdom (UK), around INR 2,000 Crores were being wagered on Final Champion's Trophy between Indian and Pakistan, as per the estimations by the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF). India emerge to be a clear favourite of bookings on friday but not by a large margin. If one bets INR 100 on India, and India wins, the one will get back around INR 147, as per the Betfair. On the other hand, if Team Pakistan wins the one will earn around INR 300. 

This has been 10 years since the India and Pakistan will be playing in the final, so the bets are high. One can also wager on many facet of the game, such as 10 Over score by each team or even total scores by both. As the gambling is illegal in most parts of the country, Indians can place their bets through UK websites through their international credit cards and e-wallets, said Rolland Landers, CEO of AIGF's.

Taaza Vaartha

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