The organ donors in Karnataka should need to give their details of their Aadhaar card when they donate their organs, as the state is attempting to smooth the organ donor registry.  Shalini Rajneesh (Health Ministry Principal Secretary), hopes that the biometric data matching could minimise waiting hours, and subsequently help to save another life. Doctors can just take the thumbprint of the dead patient and check in the online to see if he/she had pledged their organs and then go ahead with the procedure. Currently, doctors find it hard to discuss organ donation with the strip family.

The state government is hoping that they can speed up the process of cogent the family to assent to organ donation if the donor has already linked his Aadhaar details to the organ donation registry. If the donor does not inform their family that he/she has pledged the organs and doctors spend valuable time trying to convince the family that the patient has given prior consent, Rajneesh said. 

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