When a sport is played , the spirit of the game rises. When TV sets are broken in Pakistan then India vs Pakistan cricket encounter have to be spectated. Around 1 billion i.e 1/7th of total population around the globe viewers are ready for this humongous finale that taking place in London tomorrow in ICC champions trophy 2017. Both the sides have qualified to finals by playing some extraordinary cricket since past couple of weeks . Stage is well set to encounter a arch rivals between these two teams. Not only cricket , it has lots of emotions to deal with , patriotism blows out of every individual.

I am sure there will be no traffic in cities, no mass crowds , all are set to glue to their television sets to cheer for country . There are many superstitions to follow by every individual for this indo-pak rivalary, and make a game of cricket spirited. #cricketforgood

Written By: Siddharth Siddu

Taaza Vaartha

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